Deboer's Pre-Auction Program

Pre-Auction/Store Closing Program

" SBSI was able to work with what was left to achieve revenue figures higher than we anticipated at a margin greater than we thought was possible. "

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Westside Grand Opening Program

Grand Opening Program

" Our new location opened with a very strong start. In the first 4 days we had close to 1,000 people in the new store. ...hiring your company has been one of the best business decisions I could have made. "

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Orman's Construction Program

Construction Program

" The recent 'Construction Sale' that [Smith Business Solutions Inc.] helped us with was successful on several fronts. ... Thank you for your insight and efforts in making this event a positive happening. "

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Munro's 21 Day Program

21 Day Program

" [The sale] has been highly successful - more than doubling sales for this period from last year. The margins are excellent and the advertising cost is coming in at 6%. "

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Westside Relocation Program

Store Closing Program

" ...your firm helped produce outstanding numbers not seen in our furniture store in decades! It's not an easy decision to close a store, but your team guided us from the very beginning and the results speak volumes. "

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Pool Place Going Out of Business Program

Going Out of Business Program

" In the end I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I made the best choice possible in teaming with Michael and Matthew of SBSI and from just about any and every conceivable angle, goals were exceeded and our sale was a smashing success. "

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